Orissa Feeney | Dod Directive 5530.3 International Agreements
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Dod Directive 5530.3 International Agreements

Dod Directive 5530.3 International Agreements

4. Directive doD 5530.3 also requires the coordination of security rules for agreements that may include the release of MICs, classified technology or classified material, with the Deputy Secretary of State for Defence Policy (Policy) for Policy Support (DTUSD (P)PS) before making a commitment to a foreign government or international organisation. The aim is to ensure that safety rules are compatible with national and doD advertising guidelines and relevant international safety agreements (see Chapter 3, Sections C. and G.). DoD 5230.11 (footnote ff) prohibits the disclosure of classified information or related obligations until a disclosure decision is taken by a competent publicity authority. (See DoD Guideline 5530.3 for coordination necessary for matters other than CMI disclosure.) c. The choice of an implementation vehicle for the project must also be taken into consideration. Would it create security obligations that are not currently adopted by the United States in existing mutual security agreements or other defense agreements or agreements, or that would strengthen the defense obligations of a foreign government or territory. one. Any agreement concluded with one or more foreign governments (including their political agencies, instruments or subdivisions) or with an international organisation which: a. communication of classified information, technology sharing or division of labour agreements, co-production of military equipment or compensation commitments under an international research cooperation agreement, the development, audit, evaluation or production of defence items, services or technologies. 3.

agreements of political importance. Important agreements in the policy include agreements that: 1. various legal and regulatory provisions, including 22 United States.C. . . .

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