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Work with me

Orissa Feeney Work With Me

Are you ready to call in some expert help?

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You love the independence running your own business gives you but – damn some days, months or years are tougher than others. You miss the days back at work when you could bounce ideas, talk to a mentor or even touch base with a great manager…

Symptoms of a business owner ready to work with a strategist…

(right now one of these – or a few – are causing you to lay awake at night)

  • You’re tired of trading time for money, you want to figure out how to reach more people, or not sure how you’ll make any more money selling your services one-to-one. Or maybe you’re feeling burned out and need a way to do things differently. Leverage


  • You need to improve the performance of an existing product or service. Maybe it feels like you’ve jumped the gun on developing your great idea only to see it flop or flounder. Increase Sales of launches.


  • You’re not charging enough to stay in business but you’re not confident that your market can bear any increase in costs. Premium pricing


  • You desperately want to spend more time in your zone of genius than in your business’s backend. Cut back on admin and other work you hate.


  • You need to streamline your offers and systems, make it easier for people to work with you, and make you feel more drained than energized. Streamline offers.


  • You feel like you’re not create the kind of content your followers want. You feel people don’t value your services or you have to offer work that pays the bills but doesn’t light you up. Repositioning


  • You’re in the lucky position to have a runaway hit on your hands but you don’t know how to turn it this single product into a successful business. Maybe you’ve had a nasty realization that that one product isn’t going to create the revenue you have in mind and the workload to do so would be immense. Build out your business model.
  • Or perhaps you’re looking to just make business work better. You’ve been hustling for success and now you’re ready to take it easy. Create consistent revenue.


  • Or it could just be time – time for an Overall Strategic Plan


Tired of all the ‘programs’? Want real help working one on one with an expert… Book a FREE Business Strategy Session below to get some instant insights and more.

 Book Complimentary Strategy Session










Intensive Business Strategy Sessions

Tired of making it up as you go along? Ready to create your own custom strategic plan. Launch Strategy need some love? Want a high level plan for the next 6-12 months to keep you on track? Creating consistent sales a priority? These are 2-5 sessions depending on your goals.


Consistent High Impact Action

This if for you if you’re ready to feel like you’re really running your business, staying on track, set up strategic systems for doubling your income. This program runs 4 months to get you hitting your ideal lifestyle and dream business goals.