Orissa Feeney | Why your email list isn’t buying …and how to change that
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Why your email list isn’t buying …and how to change that

Why your email list isn’t buying …and how to change that

Do you have a zombie list?

That’s not my phrase – one of my clients told me that when we talked about launching her membership program.

“Ah yes, Orissa, – one problem – my list doesn’t buy – they’re what I call a zombie list”. If you want to be the best one playing video games check the info from https://www.techwithgeeks.com/rainbow-six-siege-hacks/.

“Yeah, no can’t market to my list – they don’t buy” – different client

“Maybe not my target market – my list just doesn’t ever buy anything when I email them” – another client

Is your list not ‘buyers’?

That must make you a little nervous.

Especially if you’ve been working hard to ‘build you list’.

And for your dreams of launching courses, programs or masterminds … there must be a little doubt lingering.


Please. Let me reassure you.

  1. Your list loves you.
  2. They’re not zombies.
  3. They’re real people – looking for the answers that YOU provide.

Okay now that we’ve established they have a pulse let’s get to the real reason why your list doesn’t buy anything. And it’s nothing to do with them not liking you or not even anything to do with them not liking what you sell.

Because let’s face it somewhere along the line they got onto to your list because you are provided a fantastic resource at a moment that they needed it. Your marketing obviously appealed to them. And at that time there were really quite ready to buy ‘something’ from you.

I would put it to you that you have a list of people that are interested in buying however there is a reason behind why the haven’t bought. Maybe even a few reasons why they haven’t bought from you and I’ll get to that soon but first of all I want to address the elephant in the room.


Does email marketing actually still work?

I hear it all the time …. “I don’t wanna send emails because I don’t want to spam people.” , “People have got too many emails in your inbox already.” … “they’ll just go to my website and buy when they’re ready”

Email works.

I’m confident it does. In fact these are some of the results my clients have achieved with the email marketing in their business:

  • 120 sales first round launch B2C $197 program 1200 list size
  • 10 sales first round launch B2B $500 program 2000 list size – but doubled 1:1 prices and fully booked for 6 months (very few 1:1 clients previously)
  • 20 sales first round launch B2B $3997 program 2500 list size
  • 60 sales round 4 launch B2B (we had worked together on previous 3 launches) $4900 USD program plus 8 x $20k USD 1:1 clients during launch

And email was the key format for all the sales during the campaigns.


But don’t just take my word for it ….

Email marketing averages an ROI of $38 for every $1 spent. (DMA National Client Email Report 2015)

Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. – McKinsey

72% people prefer to receive promotional content through email, compared to 17% who prefer social media. – MarketingSherpa


And if the statistics don’t do it for you …look around….

Are your favorite brands still emailing you – or have they stopped?

Do they still use email during their launches – or are they just asking for the sale via snapchat?

Do smart bricks and mortar businesses ask for your email address then stay in touch with you online?



So let’s agree that email works.

And the list you already have, however small, is interested in buying from.

So what stopped them?


Okay let’s start with the practical stuff for example how many people are on your list… of those people how many people are opening …. And how many are clicking?

These pieces of data are important and they are going to give us an indication as to why you’re not seeing sales.

Another thing to think about is frequency…how often are you actually sending an email to your list. If you’re not sending them very often that’s okay, there are definitely things that we can do to help you become more consistent and make writing easier. Plus also things that you can do to help you prepare your list are when you do want to sell to them and that leads to another point…

This is the BIG one.

….How prepared are your list to buy from you? … what do they need to know before they’re ready to get out their credit cards?

This is the real reason why business owners with great size lists that are regularly in contact with them and that often make a pitch to sell still find that their list doesn’t buy.

No Email Content Strategy.

An Email Content Strategy leading their readers to buy through a conversation of multiple emails – to help them make the decision to buy. Instead of simply sending random emails and expecting there are people on their list to be ready to buy.

This is where you find the sweet spot between those salesy emails that lean too hard on scaring you into buying and those heart-centred messages that make your audience love you but never buy.

With an Email Content Strategy – you don’t have to choose between making friends and making sales.

An effective Email Content Strategy will lead your reader from where they are now – Point A – to where they need to be – Point B – with all the necessary steps in between to help them confidently decide to buy from you.

Next time you’re wondering why your list doesn’t buy – use this checklist to assess where you’ve been missing the mark. <DOWNLOAD THE CHECKLIST & ANTIDOTES HERE>

Look out for the next article in their series – How to go from List Building to Sales.







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