Orissa Feeney | Why it’s not your email annoying them
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Why it’s not your email annoying them

Why it’s not your email annoying them

“Aren’t people annoyed when I email them?”

This seems to be the number one thing that is holding otherwise successful business owners back in their online marketing strategy.

So I’m going to be straight with you.


Some of the people who subscribe to your list will be annoyed.

But like a lot of things in life,it wont be about you at all (you know that argument you had in the parking lot at the mall) .

It wont have much to do with whether you email twice daily, weekly or occasionally. It will have more to do with the kind of day they’re having, how many other emails they received that day and if the contents of the email you send is relevant to them at that point in time.

But the truth is – all those online business people who are doing really well – they’re sales are nearly ALL made from their email list.

So if you want to make money consistently in your business – you need to be sending out emails consistently in your business.

How often you email will come down to you and how much time and energy you have.

It’s always good to email when you have something important to tell your list. A free tool or resource that you want to share or a great new blog post.

But it’s also good to just ‘stay in touch’.

There is a great deal of value in your name appearing in their inbox regularly.

Consistent Emailing will translate to consistent sales.



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