Orissa Feeney | Why does it all feel so complicated?
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Why does it all feel so complicated?

Why does it all feel so complicated?

You’ve got a great idea. It’s struck you like a bolt of lightning – maybe even in the middle of the night.

It’s gonna work. In fact you’ve seen plenty of evidence that this will work. You start forming a plan – writing notes and working out – just how you’re going to do this.

You’re excited, you’re in the zone.

Then you start working on it.

But instead of seeing the light of day – your idea goes under.

It all starts feeling a bit unweildy, you don’t want to leave any rock unturned or miss any opportunities.

Suddenly you’re losing confidence.

It’s all too complicated.

You get stuck.


Here’s the secret…

Before I do let me start by saying – I know it FEELS complicated.

I read a note of a fellow entrepreneur sharing their own frustrations with overcomplicating things. Then feeling stuck.

I totally identified with this.

Honestly, I’d say that MOST of the business women I work with come to me with a similar story. It goes something like this …

“I’ve got a burning desire to get this big idea out into the world …

But first I’ve got to

– get a sales page up
– hire someone to go over my copy, because – oh crap – I sound terrible
– redo my website, because it’s just not looking great
– plan out everything that is going to be included
– get an instagram strategy – because my feed just doesn’t do this big idea justice
– Photoshoot – yes, and I don’t want just any old photographer – so I need to hunt down that one I love … what’s her number
– Oh I need to lose a few pounds … get my teeth whitened … hire a stylist
– Start a facebook group because that’s what everyone is doing
– promote that ebook so that people know a bit about me
– set up a home studio to shoot my videos
– Learn to use facebook ads
– Hire a new VA – or maybe I need a business manager
– Talk to a brand strategist so that it all looks on point
– Land some guest blogging spots, because it will give me authority
– upgrade to Infusionsoft because that will show that I’m really serious

(sound familiar?)

And pretty quickly overwhelm takes over.

Truth is – to get your Big Idea out into the world – you don’t need any of this.

Start small.

Offer the big idea to one person – for low cost – or free.

Invite a handful of people to help a small group with your Big Idea.

Invite another small group to work with you this way.

Bring on some tech to help people who are further away.

Each time you work with these people – make sure they have a great experience. Help them get results. Let them and their results sell it for you.

Plant a seed in good soil.

Water it.

Make sure it gets sun light.

Let it grow.

Watch it thrive.

If your plan for your Big Idea feels too complicated – and you’re paralysed or just procrastinating around it – then it IS too complicated.

Keep it simple.

Start where you are.


Take imperfect action.


What would you do if it┬ádidn’t feel┬ácomplicated?






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