Orissa Feeney | 3 things holding up your launch
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3 things holding up your launch

3 things holding up your launch

and what you need to do today to change that…

You want to get your thing out there into the hands of people who it will really help. So why is it so damn hard to get this off the ground?

You tell yourself you just need to update your website first or maybe you’re waiting on someone to create a new logo or possibly you’re just totally feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

It’s not just you – this is an epidemic.

Smart, talented people with everything they need to make a difference to others lives and get paid for it are sitting on their big idea watching the pages of the calendar turn … thinking wholly fuck … is it July already!

I remember when I started my first real job out of school working in a small business setting up shelf companies. It was the grounding for all my later passions for business strategy. At the time we’d gone from a tiny house-converted to an office with a turnover similar to a mum and dad cottage industry … to moving to a bigger office watching profits grow every week as we constantly increased our market share. Being part of this business was a total buzz for so many reasons. We were literally going from typewriters to internet connections, from a tens of thousand dollar turn over to a 2 million dollar turnover.

Imagine being 20 and receiving a profit share bonus with $15k printed on it … only 4 short years before I was working for $3.92 an hour in my first after school job. It was mind blowing stuff when I look back on it.

It wasn’t just the money or the rapid growth – it was great to be in a small agile team that could pivot on a dime. Legislation changes would happen overnight that would impact the whole product and marketing strategy … we’d pull all nighters and have everything ready to roll by 9am the next day.

Launching was easy back then. There would be a meeting, a plan, delegation of work and it just happened.

Working solo – launching isn’t that simple. There’s no team meeting for starters. The plan is in your head and delegation is difficult.

But I work with plenty of solo entrepeneurs who have amazing launch success.

So what is it that is holding YOU back from launching?

I could list a whole bunch of stuff.. lack of tech skills, bad timing, not feeling ready.. just for starters – and yes these kinds of things can play into it but really the 3 pieces that hold back every would-be launcher I talk to are:

Thinking you don’t have time.

I want to get this out of the way early and just call straight up BS. I used to tell myself I didn’t have enough time – and believe it – but when I changed my hours, got more childcare… I had plenty of time but I still couldn’t launch… so I knew it wasn’t time. I have new clients I speak to who are telling me they’re working 60 hours a week in their business but when we talk about what they’re actually getting done – how much income they’re generating – how much marketing they’re doing – how many clients they’re servicing – the numbers don’t stack up. If you can find a spare 4-10 hours a week – you can launch.

It means you actually have to put yourself out there.

This is pretty well right at the centre of it all – you not wanting to be at the centre of it all. Ironic right? You can’t launch anything if you don’t want anyone to know you exist. The whole point of a launch is to cause a scene and be seen. So if you’re not comfortable in the limelight – like you’re an introvert or just like to hang back and listen – then being the one doing all the talking can feel way way out of your comfort zone.


Lacking clarity of what you’re actually¬†selling

Boom! This is actually the biggest piece here. So you’ve got lots of pieces of idea’s running around in your head of what you’re either wanting to sell or what you’ve created to sell. You aren’t clear on what this actually is that you’re wanting to sell. And I’m not talking about the format here … I see lots of people saying they want to sell their info product or create a mastermind program … but what will you actually be delivering as a result? Who are your people going to become after they work with you? How do you do what you do differently to anyone else? And if you’re not clear – if you don’t have absolute clarity – you cannot possibly hope to intentionally convince anyone to buy what you’re wanting to sell .. heck you may have trouble giving that baby away.

And I would go so far as to say if you don’t have clarity that is a huge part of why you’re not confident putting yourself out there AND you do not know how to use your time wisely.

If any of this is ringing true for you – DOWNLOAD – my Launch Clarity Tool.

Use it to mark a line in the sand – on the other side you will be starting your launch.

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