Orissa Feeney | Swiss Agreement With Eu
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Swiss Agreement With Eu

Swiss Agreement With Eu

The Parties shall cooperate within the framework of the EURES network (European Employment Services), in particular as regards the establishment of contacts, the coordination of job vacancies and applications, as well as the exchange of information on the state of the labour market and living and working conditions. For example, one would expect that the ongoing negotiations on the electricity agreement and in the areas of public health and food safety would be interrupted. In addition, in addition to the non-recognition of the equivalence of the Swiss Stock Exchange, the EU could respond with other retaliatory measures, such as excluding Switzerland from the continuation of the EU`s Horizon 2021 research programme. 6. A valid residence permit may not be withdrawn from a worker solely because he is no longer working, either because he has been temporarily unfit for work as a result of an accident or illness or because he is involuntarily unemployed, as certified by the competent employment agency. Bern, 27.09.2020 – On 27 September 2020, the Swiss people rejected the statute of limitations by a majority of 61.7%. Of these thirteen votes, three oppose further EU integration or reversal of EU integration (6 December 1992, 4 March 2001 and 9 February 2014); the other ten voices are in favour of deepening or maintaining integration between Switzerland and the European Union. [23] However, the competent authorities of the Member State of employment may grant the frontier worker a special authorisation for a period of at least five years or for the duration of his employment, if this is more than three months and less than one year. It shall be extended for at least five years, provided that the frontier worker proves that he is actually engaged in an economic activity.

It remains to be seen how the EU will position itself next year on the framework agreement under the leadership of the new head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. “I don`t think an agreement (EU-Switzerland) will be reached in the second half of the year until the exact course of Brexit is clear,” Oettinger, a former interlocutor in Swiss-EU relations, told the Neue Z├╝rcher Zeitung. Persons who have worked for less than one year in the territory of a Member State may reside there for a reasonable period of up to six months after completing their employment in order to identify vacancies corresponding to their professional qualifications in order to seek new employment and, where appropriate, to take the necessary measures to obtain employment. .

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