Orissa Feeney | Stuck in the thick of it?
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Stuck in the thick of it?

Stuck in the thick of it?

Have you ever had those great months where you feel like you have the midas touch? You’re kicking goals, getting amazing results for your clients and the phone (or inbox) is ringing hot with leads.

Everyone is saying Yes to work with you – and you feel like ‘Yes, this is why I went into business for myself in the first place’.

And then you’re in the thick of it working with all these wonderful people and out of nowhere you’re sitting on your arse watching the tumble-weeds roll by wondering if you’ll ever land another client.

Mmm, I sure have.

When I started out in business I was in this constant cycle of ‘crazy busy’ or ‘deafening silence’. And I’d wonder if I could make it another week or in this boom or bust situation – that I felt I had no control over.

And I know marketing, I love it, I live and breathe it. I know cashflow, I’ve been the finance lady for a muli-million dollar small business with the thinest cashflow balance you could possibly have. Systems and technology – check, Getting client results – check … but still I didn’t have a stable business…

It wasn’t until I took a high level view of all of these pieces and created an intentional plan that neatly wove these pieces together that I felt I could create stability. And then it also took consistent focused action to implement my plan. Once I had that base I could grow. Opportunities opened. And exciting things began to unfold.

What is your plan?

Are you stuck in the thick of day to day knowing there is a better way but sure how to create a solid base.

When you don’t have a solid base you can’t easily adapt to changes in the market.

When you don’t have a longer vision you can’t be ready waiting for new opportunities before the competition.

When your plan is just to get through this month you haven’t laid the path to make the month after or the month after that easier.


Gift yourself and your business a few minutes to reflect on what you want your life in your business to look like 6 months from now. Trust yourself to create that vision!

In your vision who or what is supporting your business..
…a small team that adds value and doesn’t drain you?
or marketing systems that make selling feel easier?
or leveraged products that need less of your time but generate more revenue?

Seeing part of that destination now? … what step could you take next to bring you closer?

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