Orissa Feeney | She just took off to Bali
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She just took off to Bali

She just took off to Bali

I’ve been cleaning out my computer. To be honest – these days most of my work is all stored securely in the ‘cloud’ but my Downloads folder has been a bit of a dumping ground for the last few months so while I was getting ‘organised’ … ok maybe I was procrastinating on the ‘organisation’ – I came across an Action Plan I’d sent out to a client after one of our sessions.

As I looked at the plan I was impressed to note to myself that she had actioned just about every item on there.

But Kay (name changed), is that kind of thriving business owner. Successful yet calm.

On the surface, she looks like any other girl next door (actually she has a bit of a Lisa Messenger look about her) … but when you scratch just below that surface you’ll find that she is not only super switched on about business, but also on her game big time – when it comes to her industry, Fitness.

She has been in the industry for years and started out on her own as many of her clients had, trying to juggle kids and making an income .. whilst trying to find their feet as business owners.

Once she cracked her own marketing formula for PT’s – other trainers started asking her – what her secret was.

That’s when a new business, as Fitness Business Mentor, took off. Kay is awesome at helping others growing their fitness businesses.

But somehow she never had time to give on her own marketing the love it deserved.

Don’t get me wrong she’s making good money, and she’s had a few run away marketing hits on her hands.

But alone they weren’t going to get her to the half mill. turnover goal she set herself.

Synergy between her offers needed ramping up.

Running the business day to day made it tricky to get a broad enough perspective to make bigger plans.

Know that feeling?

BUT as intended, during our sessions she had time to get REAL scope on her clients journey.

We could see the sales cycles – looking at her clients from a ‘lifetime journey’ view, instead of the traditional “avatar” view.

We built the business model & the marketing around that perspective.

And once she had put the pieces in place and set the plans in action (including hiring a great VA) – she booked a trip.

She took off to Bali

She was off to Bali for a week or so kid-free with her boyfriend.

There was no stressing or guilt while she was away – technically she was working, but all she did was turn up to a couple of group coaching calls.

And left the rest to strategy.

All it took was a little perspective on her business.

What would you do if you knew all your business plans were being actioned?

Go on a trip to Bali?
Spend more time with your family?
Check in to that retreat?

















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