Orissa Feeney | Scrum Team Agreement Sample
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Scrum Team Agreement Sample

Scrum Team Agreement Sample

Fortunately, there is a way to solve this problem: the teamwork agreement. The next morning, I arrived in broad daylight, looking forward to finally meeting everyone in the team. I had decided to stay in learning mode and try to “understand”. I refused the SM`s invitation to host the team`s retrospective and made it continue with the retrospective as it had always done. At 8:00 a.m., the SM, PO and I met in an empty meeting room in our Home Office and the SM connected the Skype link to start the meeting. The two local engineers were isolated and selected. The Indian team and his superior were in a single meeting room in Mumbai. Even though we were screen shares, no one else could see, because no one had turned on video cameras. I contacted the Scrum Master (SM) and Product Owner (PO) for the team. I wanted to understand the structure and dynamics of the team, but what was even more important now was that I had to get their permission and catch up with him to get involved. My goal was to establish a relationship to make them understand that my role was to help them improve, especially after a bumpy start with THE RTE.

Table 3. Before and after comparing roles, dynamics and team activities, CHECK YOUR AGREEMENT REGULARLY. Remember that the way people work will of course change over time. The team agreement is supposed to be a “living document”; Adapt to the team as it evolves. Your team agreement must be regularly reviewed and adapted in the event of a change in operation. This is the right time if you`re hiring new people or someone is leaving the team. Even if things are going well, take the opportunity to review your team agreement again to see if everyone is still on the same page…

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