Orissa Feeney | Recovering from a Flopped Launch?
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Recovering from a Flopped Launch?

Recovering from a Flopped Launch?

Launching is a ‘character building’ experience…

Pouring your time, energy and dollars into creating an amazing offer for people that you know will completely transform their lives can feel like a gamble. What if you create all that and no one buys it? What do you do?

Talking to an amazing health coach the other day and she told me about the program she had put together.

I work with many people from the health coaching industry and this program had some real spunk. She had a really unique perspective on weightloss and how it had little to do with food or exercise.

When I was talking to her I could see that this would be a lot of fun to do and I knew the potential for her success was really sitting there just waiting to take off.

But she had put her offer out there and after nothing but crickets – and I mean nothing – not even an enquiry – she pulled the program. She told me that she just didn’t have it in her to keep going with the ‘launch’ for a program that wasn’t something that people wanted.

There were a couple of key things I picked up on and reflected back to her.

One of the things we touched on was that she hadn’t really given her offer a fair go.

She’d sent some emails but after a few weeks of no response – she’d lost her nerve and the energy behind the program launch just wasn’t there.

We went on to talk more about what had really happened.

It wasn’t that the Offer she’d created, that amazing program, wasn’t any good.

It was that she had failed to truly believe in her offer and launch big and bold.

Instead her launch was meek and lacked confidence.

Launching big and bold doesn’t mean being the loudest and most in your face.

You don’t have to be a ‘tv-ready’ goddess – you can just be YOU.

Don’t lose heart if you’ve had an offer that didn’t seem to take off the way you expected. Review and prepare for your next big bold launch.Like any perceived failure it’s really just taken you a step closer to success.

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