Orissa Feeney | It’s not the RIGHT time to LAUNCH!!
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It’s not the RIGHT time to LAUNCH!!

It’s not the RIGHT time to LAUNCH!!

Or is it? …

When is the right time? I talk to women daily about their Launches.

The launches they’re about to do, launches they wish they could do, launches they’re not quite ready for.

Let’s face it – you’ve got a great idea you’ve had brewing for so long. It bubbles up to the surface and makes itself known every once in a while.

 But you look at your diary and realize – it doesn’t feel like the RIGHT time.

You’ve got so many other plans – you just can’t fit it in.

Oh and that Mercury Retrograde is just about to resurface and blow everything up again.

Plus you’ve got a trip to Fiji for an old friends wedding coming up.

Plus that New Moon means that the timing is not right.

And let’s not forget you haven’t really found a copywriter you love.

Hey yeah… those Facebook Ads you haven’t cracked yet too!!

Even if you could get all this stuff in order you’re not ready to do a real live webinar … let alone try and sell on there.

 So NOW is not the right time to Launch.


Have you wondered when IS the right time?


 There is NEVER a perfect time to launch.

If you sat around waiting for the perfect storm – I want to let you know – you’re gonna be waiting a long time.

Amongst some of the most successful Launchers I see they’re also juggling:

  •  visiting friends in a remote town in New Zealand with no internet access
  • another couple of Mercury Retrogrades showing up
  • the leaning curve that is … they don’t have a clue how to put their membership website up
  • their wedding
  • a trip to Sri Lanka with no technology
  • the disaster that happens when their online payment system totally crashes
  • a new Email marketing system that is not sending emails to the right people on their list
  • timing their launch with a Bschool Launch which saturates their airwaves
  • having a baby

You name it – they’re up against it.


But they launch anyway.

And the sky doesn’t fall.

They do make a truckload of cash, they do get guest speaking gigs, they do fill their diary with clients and start a waiting list – THEY DO IT!

And I’ll be honest – when ever we’re planning their launch we start talking dates and initially we’re like oh – ok, that bschool launch … yeah let’s work around that… oh you’re going to be on a deep sea dive for 5 days … let’s work around that… oh you’ve got a photoshoot that you’re waiting on … let’s work around that …. You don’t like working in December at all … no probs … let’s work around that AND before you know it we’re looking at April of the 2020 calendar on Google.

Sooooo we decide to run with it … in the next 12 weeks instead. ALWAYS. Regardless of what challenges come up.


And that is what I want you to admit today. Even if it’s just quietly to yourself.

 “I’m NOT ready to Launch – now is not the right time – BUT I’m going to do it anyway!!”


Take this as a “sign” – you don’t need to wait for the planets to align… you just need to decide to do it!


What could you do TODAY to move you closer to your Launch date?

Here is a list:

  • Collect Testimonials and place them in a new Launch Folder in Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Write a course outline
  • Buy that piece of software that’s been stopping you
  • Book a call with a copywriter
  • Buy some time from a graphic designer you’re crushing on
  • Reach out to people you want to collaborate with on your Launch
  • Write a Date in your Calendar to ‘Open the Cart’
  • Start your pilot NEXT WEEK….

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