Orissa Feeney | Mind reading and other essential business skills
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Mind reading and other essential business skills

Mind reading and other essential business skills

What jobs are on your list today?

Grocery shopping, Calling back a client, buying a birthday card, putting a bits of your business plan on paper, stopping by school to watch your little person’s performance, a load of laundry, meeting a friend for lunch, finishing that project for another client, booking a flight, texting back another client….

I wonder which of these relate to the value I provide as a business owner??

That’s what you want to start wondering about your own ideal clients and the jobs on their To Do list.

I’m going to let you in on another little ‘secret’ here… Most of the jobs on their to do list have nothing to do with your business…Shocking right? 

We get so wrapped up in our business … marketing … fulfillment .. websites …should I use this colour… do I call my product this or that … what sort of picture looks best on this …etc. that we forget.

Our business is just a tiny tiny part of our potential client’s day. 

So how do we get that air-time when our ideal client does actually sit down to get jobs done that we add value to?

Reading their mind! Well as close as you can get to it …

The more time you can spend in your ideal client’s shoes – watching the world from their perspective – the better able you are to engage with them, build trust with them and provide your service to them.

So what is your ideal client doing right now?

What are they thinking?

When you craft your marketing start acknowledging that you understand them, and where they’re at.

People want to feel understood.

Do you have a good understanding of how your ideal client feels?

Set aside some time during your week to write down how your clients feels during the day. Tip: Write it as “I feel..”  as though you were the client.

I hope this helps you start to get some new ideas about reading your clients mind – and how you can be on it 😉


Stuck? Need some examples …?

My ideal client spends a good part of her day looking after others needs… her husband, her clients, her family.

She has a deep desire to make this ‘work for yourself’ gig a success.

So far she is getting great results for her clients.

Most of her business comes from referrals but she spends a lot of time stressing about what she SHOULD be doing with her marketing. Why can’t she get it together to consistently post great content on Facebook, why can’t she get regular emails out.

She needs more control over bringing in clients regularly but she doesn’t really know where to start.

She would love to have someone to spend time looking closely at her business with her – what’s worked – what could work better – and create a plan for the next 6 monthsto take her business from spluttering along in bursts to purring and content.

She wants fun, a great income and flexibility – she just needs someone to guide her.

Is that you?

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