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Launches with Benefits

Launches with Benefits

I was speaking at a conference a week or so back … talking about the strategy behind a launch that converts to sales. One of the questions led to a discussion about other benefits of a launch – besides just revenue.

It got me thinking about the ‘friends with benefits’ analogy… You know the friend who you can call when you need a lift to the airport or someone who’ll pitch in when move house? And well the other ‘benefit’ that only that kind of friend can also bring 😉

The main benefit we’re all aiming for during a launch is revenue… moola… dineros…$$$… money in the bank or paypal account.

But there are many indirect benefits of a launch that you may not have considered.


  • Rapid list growth which means a bigger audience for next round

  • Raise your profile which leads to being approached for speaking gigs and joint ventures

  • Increase your expert status so you become the ‘go-to’ for your niche

  • Finding out exactly what’s on your ideal clients minds when that post goes viral or falls flat

  • Insight into what sort of medium your people respond to – did they love that interview you did or that long blog post piece

  • Learn loads and up your own confidence so you it again bigger and better next time


The last point is a big one.

I talk to so many people who are going to launch their online program or group coaching or even run their one on one offer – once everything is ready. Perfect. Beautiful. Complete. T’s crossed, I’s dotted. Membership site finished. Logo designed…

But I want to let you in on a little secret.

That’s not how the big guys are doing it.

Marie Forleo didn’t wake up one day and suddenly have thousands of affiliate B-School sales.

Michelle Bridges didn’t just pop up a website with a weight loss program and make ’12 Week Body Transformation’ a house-hold name overnight.

They didn’t plant tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars into designing a membership website then went out to the market with a perfect shiny launch that people flocked to…

These guys were:

  • Listening to their ideal clients

  • Working one on one with people

  • Running beta programs

  • Reitterating and improving

  • Relaunching & refining

  • Doing something from Day 1


While the others are THINKING about launching their amazing leveraged-passive-income-program and trying to decide whether to use Optimize Press or WP Member plugin … there is someone else out there – just like you – running a little group of four people at their kitchen table.

They’re learning about what their ideal clients need from them to translate into big results.

They’re giving a great personal experience to these people. They’re creating material to help them better. These are all bankable actions, meaning what they’re learning from this experience will give them insights like no other..

I’d love you to start today.

How could you get out in the field right now and run a pilot of your ‘blockbuster’ to get all that bankable insight?

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