Orissa Feeney | How to unlock more revenue throughout the customer journey
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How to unlock more revenue throughout the customer journey

How to unlock more revenue throughout the customer journey

Your business is suffering from lumpy cashflow.


Some months are boom… while others are glug-glug….?


Consistent income is the goal but all business – even the hugely successful ones have ebbs and flows … seasons. In the business industry, how the public perceives you to be is crucial to survival. When the competition today is getting stiffer, a good public profile can help you to survive. Not only do you stay afloat, but you thrive and stay competitive, you can get more info about this in https://marketbusinessnews.com/6-ways-to-boost-your-businesss-public-profile/259679/.


So how as a micro-business owner can you weather the rough seas of business.


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Do you partner with people who share an audience?

Do you review your trends and plan for less income at certain times?




Transformational Customer Journey

But one of the most powerful ways to surf through the tides of off-peak business is to have a strong plan for your regularly crossing paths on your customers journey, while you also learn about all the sell techniques you can, which you can also learn from ValintryCRM and other experts on sells online.


Have package, offers & partnerships ready for customers at each point in their journey. Not only is this a win for you but it is a total win for your customers who see you as a business that can anticipate their needs.


As you’re becoming more experienced working with your favourite customers – you will often see a common path they take. This will likely start before they even begin working with you.


Unless you have created a business model to  meet customers at milestones of the journey – it’s likely they are only meeting you at the solution aware point.


You may even experience frustration trying to communicate with those that are just trying to treat their symptoms – not what you know to be the cause of the problem.



Transformational Customer Journey

Apply this to your business for consistent cashflow


A great place to start is to think of one of your favorite customers.


Consider the journey she came on to get to you.


Certainly consider what she was doing at the point she decided to buy from you – what was she saying when she decided to work with you.


But also consider her before she became a client.


  • Perhaps she was seeking out help to treat what were symptoms of her problems. Generally these are more superficial solutions – and not treating the cause of the problem.

Eg. before my favorite clients work with me they are often feeling they don’t have enough clients – aso they will be trying different marketing tactics that they are having limited results with


  • As she moved closer to working with you she goes through a time of becoming more aware of the root cause of the problem and will be considering the problems itself.

Eg. as she considers the root cause of the problems – why her marketing doesn’t work to solve her symptom of not having enough clients – she realises that the problems runs deeper – often cashflow related



  • Then she learns of solutions – and starts to seek those out, and applies them.

Eg. as she becomes more aware of the root cause she learns about solutions that she was not considering previously such as strategic business plans


  • Finally she is ready for Mastery & will be looking to dive deeper

Eg. setting up a more strategic business model, developing custom marketing eco-systems etc



At which point are you marketing to your prospects?

Are you a health coach frustrated that your prospects just want to lose weight? But you want to go deeper and help with the root cause of issue?

Are you a social media manager annoyed that your prospects just want to post any old content? But you want to develop a strategic brand strategy?

Or maybe you’re a photographer tired of people asking you what they should wear? But you want to help them get clear on their essence?

If you are not attracting enough people who are ready to work with you consider:

  1. engaging prospects the previous points in their journey … build trust and become the first choice when they are ready. You can do this through referral partnerships, content strategies and low costs offers.
  2. create a path for your prospects to follow so you can support them all through the journey and as an easy strategy to increase revenue
  3. how can you make it easy for them to continue working with you – what else can you provide or support them with


Want to know how you can improve the cashflow in your business, increase revenue and attract more clients that are ready to work with you?


During the Thrive Business Immersion we will spend a week diving deep on your business – finding the customer path, setting up marketing systems and filling the gaps in your current business model.


Book a Mini Strategy Session to dive into your business plans & find out if the Thrive Business Immersion is right for you.

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