Orissa Feeney | How to Stop Unsubscribes during your Launch
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How to Stop Unsubscribes during your Launch

How to Stop Unsubscribes during your Launch

If you’ve ever run a launch of your program or services via an email campaign, you’ve felt the pain of unsubscribes jumping off your list. Now even if you’ve not launched anything, you’ve simply sent newsletters to your list – with fantastic FREE content – you know what it’s like to get unsubscribes.

But somehow when you’re launching or regularly asking for a sale within your email messages – the pang of the opt-out seems to sting more than ever.

Strategically you can minimise this, and I’ll tell you more about that in a moment but for now let’s look closer at what’s actually going on when you send an email broadcast to many – and someone or a few someone’s decide they don’t want to hear from you any more.


Picture it, if you can.


We’re going back a few months when “Jen” found you via a Facebook post or something like that. In all honesty she’s not sure how she found you but you were offering a great ebook about simple meal options for working mums. She eagerly downloaded your ebook and has enjoyed reading your occasional email.

But today when your email arrives about your new ecourse that would help give her a healthy lifestyle overhaul it’s also timed with news of a new baby and Jen’s priorities have changed from when she first subscribed to your list.

Or in Natasha’s case, the promo email you sent coincided with the arrival of a new ‘7 Days to a productive desktop life’ which includes a link to ‘unroll.me’ an application specifically to help us all mass unsubscribe. And when your business name pops up for that brief moment she is distracted by a phone call and clicks ‘yes’ when really she meant ‘no’.


And so it goes.

 How to stop unsubscribes during a launch

And yes, you will probably even receive emails from people on your list that would like to personally advise you of why they no longer wish to receive your emails.

Unsubscribes are a symptom of a bold launch.

Another symptom of a bold launch is hitting your sales targets.


So does that mean that you must resign to the fact that you will lose those hard won followers during your bold launch?

Some will opt-out because, well, you’re just not a good fit RIGHT NOW.


That’s ok.


The two strategic steps you must take during your launch to minimise the impact of unsubscribes are:

  • Continue building your list during your launch
  • Send the bulk of your launch emails to your ‘Interest’ subscribers – not your ‘main list’


Have you got tactics in place for your launch to cover these two strategies?

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