Orissa Feeney | Faking it? Making it up as you go?
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Faking it? Making it up as you go?

Faking it? Making it up as you go?

Do you ever feel like you’re just making it all up as you go along – this ‘running a business’ thing?

And maybe even failing a little at it…

Once upon a time you were in a job. Sure it wasn’t ideal but at least you knew if you were doing a good job or not. A manager or a colleague would make it clear that there was a better way or a right way to do the work.

But now there’s no boss.

No other department expecting things done a certain way.

There aren’t any colleagues to tell you how things are done.

It’s just YOU. And your numbers.

You and a whole lot of marketing hype filling your newsfeed, telling you to do things their way. Telling you that you need to know the latest online tactic or you’ll be left behind. Constantly filling your inbox with ‘Blueprints’, ‘Secret Formula’s’ and ‘Business in a Box Programs’ … they’re not on your team … they are potential vendors – they’re looking to sell you something. To make you feel like you’re missing out if you don’t buy their ‘thing’.

And it’s all leaving you feeling a bit panicky and FOMO.

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But you’re a smart woman – you can see it for what it is – marketing hype designed to convert you to a paying customer.

Truth is – there is a better way – YOUR WAY.

There aren’t any secret shortcuts – those success stories you see have either worked over time to get THERE or they’re not actually THERE yet.

I’m not going to lie to you – in the wise words of modern day poet & Canadian singer Peaches ‘most of life is faking it ’til you make it’. By this she didn’t mean pretend to be someone you’re not – or outright b.s. During the interview she clarified saying she meant that plenty of experiences you have in life are going to be for the first time – especially as your success grows, you wont know exactly how to do it – you’re gonna be faking it. The same goes for business … The first time you do a joint venture, the first time you run a live event, the first time you charge a premium price – and you wont know exactly how to do it.

Being strategic in business is not a RIGHT WAY or a WRONG WAY – you’re gonna be ‘faking it’ …. it’s about making a decision. Trialling your theory, having a go, measuring the results and then tweaking to increase the success.

What if instead of ripping up the floor of your business – you built on the foundations you already have. STRENGTHS.

What if you were already on the path to success (you are by the way) – and you just needed to keep going. CONSISTENCY.

What if small enhancements were made – and you saw a big impact. OPPORTUNITIES.

“…you figured out what I was doing well and where I might be missing out on opportunities to strengthen and grow. No fuss, no drama. We just got to work, and that’s exactly what I needed.”
Nicole Baute, Writing Coach



What are you already doing well?

What do you need to keep ‘showing up’ every day?

What opportunities can you use to strengthen and grow?

No fuss. No drama.






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