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Easier than finding clients…

Easier than finding clients…

You’re busy.

You got into this ‘work for yourself’ micropreneurship to feel more freedom and fulfillment every day.

But somehow you’re not able to crack your income targets. If you are planning to lease a car this year check this this page first.

If you could find a way to attract more clients each month – then you’d be set.

Maybe these are some of the things on your To Do list:

  • FB Ads
  • Launch a course
  • Set up a sales funnel
  • Update your branding
  • Post more consistently on social media

Which of these is the best path to more income?

What if the answer was right in front of you already?

That’s what Jen found….

When Jen came to me she was feeling stretched. She cared deeply about her clients results and put a great deal of her own energy into her healing sessions with them.

Sure she wasn’t booked out but she was spending so much time getting new clients that she just didn’t have any time left to provide her services even if more people booked.

It was a bit of a catch 22. She couldn’t really see how she could increase her income without splashing out on a whole lot of marketing – that she wasn’t sure she could pull off.

But there was a big trip to a gorgeous NZ retreat that had been lingering on her Vision Board for the last 2 years.

Everyone was telling her she needed to launch an online course – which she was regularly planning out on notepads and had a whole folder dedicated to it on her laptop but somehow she could never get over the hurdle of getting on top of her client load and her marketing.

She also was constantly hearing about Sales Funnels and thinking this could be the missing link.

We spent a week together in a ‘Strategic Business Immersion’.

Very quickly it became clear that Jen had gaping holes in her business.

Her business was leaking out potential income.

The thing that jumped out immediately was her client’s success stories and what a high value they put on working with her. They wanted more from her. There was much further in their journey that they wanted & needed to go.

During the week we tightened up her customer service systems which allowed her lighten her workload & to comfortably increase her prices. We also easily created new packages & set up internal marketing systems which meant every client worked with her for longer on their journey, got a whole lot more out of her gifts and in turn meant they invested in working with her for longer.

The changes we made during that week translated into happier clients & almost double in sales, and she’s even put a deposit down for that New Zealand retreat.

Now a couple of questions for you

What does the journey look like for your clients?

How can you improve their whole experience of working with you?

What if focused strategy and working on your business growth for a week turned into double the sales – without any of the headache of chasing down clients.

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