Orissa Feeney | Does The Perfect Client Exist?
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Does The Perfect Client Exist?

Does The Perfect Client Exist?

I love what I do.

I help amazing women all over the world leverage their passion and expert knowledge to create freedom based incomes.


But there was a time when I was not in my zone.

I remember working with one client back when my business model was ‘I’ll help you with anything to do with the technology’ (yes, I had some problems finding my niche).

Although she was generally what I considered my demographic ideal client eg. 25-50 woman starting a new business … it was more complicated than that – much more complicated.

She hadn’t ever used technology – ever (think baby boomer – never had an office job…), was more ‘tactile’ and wasn’t enjoying learning to market online – I had lots of patience but this was a very difficult journey to take some one on for $30 an hour.

Needless to say – by the end of the project neither of us was completely satisfied. She was a lovely woman and we didn’t have any hard feelings but – it just – didn’t work out.

Over time I tested and trialed how best to stop this draining kind of relationship forming again.

I could circle right in on who was my ideal client.

It was tough in the beginning saying no to jobs when I really needed the cashflow but as time went by the more wrong clients I said no to the more ideal clients found their way to me.

My marketing started to only please my ideal clients.

I was learning to deter those ‘wrong clients’.

Have you ever had one of those clients where something just doesn’t seem right?

Maybe they’re asking for a lot of changes to what you would normally offer, or they are slow to pay or constantly going against your advice.

They’re also draining.

Very draining.

They have lots of questions. You love questions but they keep asking the same questions and you get the feeling they’re not really listening.

They’re late or no shows for meetings.

They contact you at the worst times.

Every time you go to work with them you feel a physical avoidance. Self doubt about your abilities creep in & start to take over…

How did this happen?

Looking back you had a feeling about this client right from the start. Something wasn’t right …

And as much as I’ve now honed the skill of attracting my ideal clients, there were times a few years ago when I had my fair share of unperfect clients.

The feeling you get when you see their name pop into your inbox … is well, if you’ve had the unperfect client you know very well.

In contrast by now in your business you’ve likely experienced that amazing high you get when you work with your perfect client. That buzzing, almost chemical feeling during your conversations with them.

“This is why I went into business” you’re thinking … for the thrill and passion that you feel when you’re helping your Perfect Client.

Chances are they are the clients that invest the most money with you however, this is not all they give you.

In this Perfect Client relationship there is actually a two way benefit happening – and it’s not just money for service.

In fact they are your muse, they’re helping your develop a strong vision of what results you want help others achieve and what new offerings to create.

Perfect clients are your source of energy – they are helping you to create your best version of your business self.

Do you have a system for attracting only your Perfect Clients?

Do you have fear around what if there aren’t enough of my Perfect Clients?

With the wonderous social connected era there are thousands of your Perfect Client out there. Even hundreds of thousands.

Perfect Clients. They are the only people your marketing needs to speak to … everything else will fall into place.

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