Orissa Feeney | Do I need a business coach?
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Do I need a business coach?

Do I need a business coach?

While we like to think of ourselves as logical creatures – most of the purchasing decisions we make are in fact emotional – yikes, even our business investments.

But if you’re thinking about investing in getting help from a business coach – then why not use a little logic before making a decision.

Working with a business coach, a strategist or a mentor can fast track your transformations but remember to go in with your eyes open.

Instead of diving into an investment with some vague promise of a better future – have clearly defined deliverables of how your life & business will be different after.

Once you have clarity of the actual impact it will have on you – you can rationally ask “is it worth it to keep putting up with the situation?” – “is it impacting you enough to call in help?”.

If you are weighing up between digging in and DIY the transformation – consider allocating a timeframe eg. 3 months – then calling in help.

This is a system you can use to decide whether to invest or wait… 

should I hire a business coach

Step 1

Put together a laundry list of what you want different.


Step 2  

For each item – How long has it been an issue? Getting worse or better over time? What would be the pay off?


Step 3

Finally – Get help or DIY timeframe?


Use this worksheet to help you with your decision  …. CLICK HERE >> Should I hire a mentor WORKSHEET





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