Orissa Feeney | Clarity in the face of the unknown
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Clarity in the face of the unknown

Clarity in the face of the unknown

Do you ever get to that point where you are so drained of creativity and inspiration from the constant advice of others?

You don’t know exactly what will bring you success – so you’re just feeling saturated with advice as you madly try to lap up that ‘blueprint’ or ‘winning formula’.

Feeling like there is always some kind of new marketing buzz that you’re just not on top of.

It’s easy to get distracted.

Showing up every day when you’re running your own business is hard enough.

Let alone staying focused.

So how do you stay focused with so many distractions?

For a long time I followed my clients. Or really I followed the market.

It’s always a good move to pre-empt what your clients next needs will be…

… BUT it also has to be something that you WANT to do.
When you look around at YOUR services – are they the ones that light you up?


Are they the ones that pay the bills?

For a long time I stayed caught up providing the services that paid the bills. My heart wasn’t in it and because it wasn’t what I really wanted to do – because it wasn’t my real zone of genius I couldn’t put any soul into marketing it. That’s not to say it didn’t make me money – it did. And as people referred other people and I became more and more booked out – it was getting harder and harder to transition to doing more of what I loved.

I felt trapped by what I’d created.


Do you feel stuck providing a service that your heart isn’t in?

But it’s tough to go it alone – to make a decision to change – to pivot – and stick with it – especially if you don’t know what you’re heading into.

Clarity in the face of the unknown.

Business Strategy in the face of the unknown

When you have clarity – you can continue with today’s workload while still pivoting towards the greater end goal.

What would you rather be doing?

How can you make one small step towards that today.

Offer a small pilot for that service you’d rather be doing?
Take on a pro bono client for the work you’re heading towards?
Work with a mentor who has been through this?
Even just chat with a friend about the idea over a glass of wine – say it out loud – make it more real?

Move a tiny inch toward the work you desire more today.

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