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Why your email list isn’t buying …and how to change that

Do you have a zombie list? That’s not my phrase - one of my clients told me that when we talked about launching her membership program. “Ah yes, Orissa, - one problem - my list doesn’t buy - they’re what I call a zombie list”. If you want to be the best one playing video games check the info from https://www.techwithgeeks.com/rainbow-six-siege-hacks/. “Yeah, no can’t market to my list - they don’t buy” - different client “Maybe not my target market - my list just doesn’t ever buy anything when I email them” - another client Is your list not 'buyers'? That must make you...


5 Point Priority System for the Seriously Overwhelmed Business Owner

When ever I get lost in my To Do list or somewhere between my Inbox, my project management systems and the many scraps of paper I have I use this simple Priority System. First Clients - existing client work is top priority, because happy clients will always be your best marketing tool. Second Getting New Clients - The absolute next task you should be looking at is anything associated with getting clients right now. This looks like following up enquiries, sending email solo-mailers about your latest offers. And turning on your Sales Funnel (FB Ad -> Opt-In -> Autoresponder -> Sales Offer). Third Chipping away at...


3 Mistakes that cause Launches to Flop

Working with Entrepreneurs who are launching and just observing the various success of different launches - I've noticed that there are 3 key area's that cause launches to fail. We’re going to go through those now; they generally have something to do with: not getting out there, not sending out the right messages to people, and under-estimating the size of it—the size of the big launch that’s going on. 3 Mistakes to Avoid So these are the 3 things that I’ve just mentioned: not enough communication; the wrong content—so you really can send out things that are not leading people to want to...


How to Stop Unsubscribes during your Launch

If you've ever run a launch of your program or services via an email campaign, you've felt the pain of unsubscribes jumping off your list. Now even if you’ve not launched anything, you’ve simply sent newsletters to your list - with fantastic FREE content - you know what it’s like to get unsubscribes. But somehow when you’re launching or regularly asking for a sale within your email messages - the pang of the opt-out seems to sting more than ever. Strategically you can minimise this, and I'll tell you more about that in a moment but for now let’s look closer at...