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7 Super Little Emails to include in your Business Strategy for Consistent Revenue (that most businesses don’t send)

Marketing can feel a bit overwhelming - OFTEN! There are so many new tactics, technology & terminology to stay up with. All that chasing new leads, opt-ins and finding the next ideal client. However there is much to be said for keeping it simple. We're often over complicating - what is simply a process of telling the right people about what we do. Essentially that is all marketing is - telling the right people - about what you do. I've spent years helping my clients optimizing their marketing systems and business strategies. One of the secrets I've discovered is that there is often...


How to Stop Unsubscribes during your Launch

If you've ever run a launch of your program or services via an email campaign, you've felt the pain of unsubscribes jumping off your list. Now even if you’ve not launched anything, you’ve simply sent newsletters to your list - with fantastic FREE content - you know what it’s like to get unsubscribes. But somehow when you’re launching or regularly asking for a sale within your email messages - the pang of the opt-out seems to sting more than ever. Strategically you can minimise this, and I'll tell you more about that in a moment but for now let’s look closer at...


Does The Perfect Client Exist?

I love what I do. I help amazing women all over the world leverage their passion and expert knowledge to create freedom based incomes. But there was a time when I was not in my zone. I remember working with one client back when my business model was 'I'll help you with anything to do with the technology' (yes, I had some problems finding my niche). Although she was generally what I considered my demographic ideal client eg. 25-50 woman starting a new business ...


3 Ways to stop List Shock when you want them to buy

Congratulations, you've decided it's time to leverage that List that you've been building up all this time and send out a Sales Email. Alot of clients come to me wanting to launch their program or new online product but they're feeling scared and daunted by the idea of pressing Send on that sales email. Take Sara for example. She has a wonderful Juice Detox that she has been working on. It's not just full of great recipes but it also has some really practical lifestyle tips. She's spent some cash getting it designed and looking gorgeous with a designer. Sara has also been...


Why it’s not your email annoying them

"Aren't people annoyed when I email them?" This seems to be the number one thing that is holding otherwise successful business owners back in their online marketing strategy. So I'm going to be straight with you. Yes. Some of the people who subscribe to your list will be annoyed. But like a lot of things in life,it wont be about you at all (you know that argument you had in the parking lot at the mall) . It wont have much to do with whether you email twice daily, weekly or occasionally. It will have more to do with the kind of day they're having, how...