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I get a kick out of working with smart women.

About Orissa FeeneyThe ones who are starting to get a little traction in their business. They’re getting results for their clients and people are referring new business to them.

But so far that all feels like a bit of a fluke.

They get a buzz out of working with clients but when it comes to marketing its not what they call their ‘genius zone’.

They’re tired of following other peoples ‘killer systems’ – they’re ready to dive deep and carve out a bespoke business strategy that fits in with their lifestyle, their values and their vision for their clients.

The women I work with are often the bold but unassuming ones, who have been letting their results speak for themselves thus far. On the surface they may seem like the quiet ones but they’ve been steadily refining their craft, connecting with peers and gently leading their tribe.


I love business.

I struggled with this for some time when I first hit the ‘Online Entrepreneur’ scene.

Everything I read told me to find my passion … but my passion was helping other people create business success from their passion.

So this chick/egg thing happened for me where I had to create a successful business before I felt I had the creds to help anyone else.

My passion is helping other people get results in their business.

I totally geek out when it comes to business strategy, what’s the big picture? – what are all the angles? – how are you getting results?  – and choosing the best tactics for YOU.

My clients often say I have a knack for reading the minds of their ideal client.

I started out in eBusiness back in the ’90s as a teenager. I’d gone astray at the end of highschool and landed a job with a small niche legal business as a data entry clerk. Recognising the spark inside me, I was sent off for aptitude testing – and after ranking in the top 5% of the population I was quickly moved up to a small management team of four. As part of this team, within 6 years the business went from barely making a profit to being bought out by a listed company for 10 million plus. No I didn’t get a profit share but some thing priceless – I discovered exactly what it takes to run a successful lifestyle business (back before people were talking about ‘lifstyle’ businesses) that valued it’s clients, team members and having a good time doing it – beyond anything else.

I went on in various roles as an ebusiness consultant, finance manager and a sales coach.

Deep down I was a generalist, with a knack for business strategy and a stomach for tactics and implementation.

Now I help women create a bespoke map of where their business needs to go – based on what they want out of life, the kind of results they get their clients and what’s going on in the marketing. I also partner with them to help them with the on-going tactical implementation.


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