Orissa Feeney | A missed doubling of sales in the Shower today…
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A missed doubling of sales in the Shower today…

A missed doubling of sales in the Shower today…

You’re an expert.

Sometimes as experts, we make assumptions.

After a long sunny bike ride to drop my daughter at pre-school I look forward to a nice hot shower.

One of my favourite things about the shower – besides the peace and quiet – is the soap.

No joke.

You know how some people (ahem me) have a ‘thing’ for stationary?

Well I have the same ‘thing’ for soap too.

And I’m not talking about a cake of Palmolive – I like the really nice stuff.

It’s one of those things I love to treat myself with.

Usually I’m a fan-girl of anything citrus scented – I love lemon, bergamot, lime, grapefruit – not so much the floral scents.

Where ever possible I like it to be something that is good for me – and the planet.

And right now I have a thing for this delicious smelling almond oil soap.

But I digress. {get to the point already!}

There was a business opportunity missed in the shower today.

And it wasn’t my own business opportunity.

It was the soaps.

Or at least the soaps marketers.

The amazing scented almond oil liquid soap I was using – had lasted me too long.

You see on the side of the bottle in tiny writing there was a wonderful description of how I could use it as a shaving soap – when I’m shaving my legs. It actually instructed me, gave me permission, there in tiny writing on the side of the bottle to indulge more.

Following this one single line of text – I would have used up this bottle in half the time and been back at my favourite soap store to buy more.

Imagine if they had a clever customer follow up campaign that connect with me after my purchase.

But they didn’t.

They assumed – as experts -that I knew that is how I could use the soap.

They assume – I would connect the dots for myself.

Talk about money down the drain!! {pun alert}

One single line of text could double their sales – if I’d had the dots connected for me.

Doubled Sales.

Then Connect THE DOTS.

If they’d connected with me earlier – or post purchase to explain this…. I would be using MORE of their product EVERYDAY.

Through connecting with me and connecting the dots for me – taking time to explain another way I could use THE SAME product twice as quick – and they could effectively double sales.

  • Are you connecting with your clients?
  • Do you connect the dots for them?
  • What assumptions have you made about what THEY KNOW?

What single line of text in your business would DOUBLE YOUR SALES?





























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