Orissa Feeney | 5 Steps to Declutter your business and call in Abundance – NOW
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5 Steps to Declutter your business and call in Abundance – NOW

5 Steps to Declutter your business and call in Abundance – NOW

With only a few weeks till the end of the year you’re probably moving into wind down mode.

If you wondering how you can bring in some extra income at this time of year (and don’t be fooled people are still buying this time of year) I always find that decluttering brings abundance. People can check out EZ Stockton Junk Removal | EZSJR for decluttering services.

And business is no different.

Instead of clearing out the wardrobe to make way for lovely new clothes – we will be clearing out the business to make way for lovely new money.

Take this as an invitation to declutter your business and make way abundance and more income in your biz.

What exactly do I mean by that?

Stay with me I’m going to make it simple…
We are going to do it in 5 steps. Take it easy one step at a time.


So first stop in decluttering your business for abundance is go check out any unnecessary business expenses that you can put a stop to in 2016.

Go have a look at your bank account, PayPal account and your credit card statements. Take a close look at all the small payments to come through too. What software subscriptions, or regular fees do you see coming out? They may only be $5 here or $40 there but they add up. I’m guessing there are probably a bunch of things in there that you could be paying for that you’re actually NOT using any more. Maybe there’s even something there that’s doubled up. As you’re doing it make a note of how much you are saving in the next 12 months by decluttering each of these, it will fire you up for the next step.

Okay then step two in your business detox is to go check out your inbox.  As much as it pains me to say this is time to unsubscribe from all those emails that you don’t read. I’m a total email hoarder lol. Go check out a service like unroll.me that will bulk unsubscribe you from a whole lot of our newsletter lists. Also consider archiving your read mail, setting up rules to add mail to folders and turning off those social media notifications.

While we’re turning off notifications … Step three in our end of year business detox will be to head over to Facebook and check out those groups that really don’t serve you any more and leave them. You can always join them again if you really miss them. Chances are you won’t notice they’re gone other than you’ll have more brain space to work on your own business, and you’ll stop being lured into other peoples challenges.

Number four, and this is the big one – end the the “to do list guilt”. Time to let go of all those things on there that just aren’t getting done. This might look like project that just never seem to get finished or perhaps there is a program that you’ve purchased that you just never go back to – as much as you would love it – it neveer happens. Forget about the icky things on your To Do list all together, instead we going to put some projects on ice and come back to them.

Also be on the lookout for things on that to do list that it’s really time to outsource or get help with. Now is a great time to decide to engage expert help.

Number five. Now this one’s going to have more impact. I want to invite you to get rid of some services or products from your business. Declutter them and free up your bandwidth for the products and services that you enjoy, make you better money and get your clients better results. You have my permission to ditch and declutter what ever isn’t serving you.

1. Expenses
2. Inbox
3. Facebook groups
4. Your To Do List
5. Old products and services

So now you have an opportunity to create space in your business for abundance to flow in. Even if you don’t get a chance to do all of these doing just one of them will feel great.

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