Orissa Feeney | 5 simple Resources that will have you falling in love with your business all over again.
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5 simple Resources that will have you falling in love with your business all over again.

Time to reignite your motivation & increase your revenue.

You’ve been in business a while. Let’s just say this ain’t your first rodeo. You remember the passion you had when you first started out – the late nights, the anxiety that you had over making sure your clients got great results.

Maybe you even remember those years stuck in a cubicle or back in corporate where all you could think about was that elusive ‘being your own boss’.

We’re a couple of years down the track and now that’s mostly all in the past. You are your own boss, the CEO, the leading lady, the woman at the top.

You found your groove and your reputation speaks for itself.

But now it feels like you’re just going through the motions. Sure you’re making money – it’s pretty good money but somehow you never seem to be getting ahead. Business is starting to feel like a drag – you’re dreaming up projects – and maybe even giving a few a go but nothing else is landing.

You’ve fallen out of love.

And like any other ‘soul mate’ of your life – you know you still love the business – you’re just not IN Love. There’s no heady excitement – no thrill of making things come to life.

So how do you go from ‘old faithful’ to ‘exciting rendezvous’ territory?

Here is my round up of my favourite resources to bring the spice back into my business. Some of them are external but some of them will come from you.


1. Ignite bigger aspirations

Yes time to look further than your Facebook feed and immediate competition

think bigger

If you are getting a little cray cray constantly looking at your direct competition and being consumed by comparisonitis then it’s time to open your mind – broaden your horizons and think more creatively about entrepreneur-ism. There are so many new ‘disruptive’ businesses succeeding that there is no shortage of creative business strategy to reignite what’s possible for you and your business.

RESOURCE: Specifically look at the diversity happening in the entrepreneur community – look at The Renegade Collective Magazine or on Design Sponge Life & Business, pick up a biographical book from a great business leader that you admire – CHALLENGE YOURSELF TO THINK BIGGER.

Bonus points for: imagining bigger for your business – what’s the absolute craziest best case scenario for your business?


2. Fire up your ‘Purpose’ motivation

Remember why you do what you do …

Whether you believe that you’re put her for a cosmic purpose or you simply consider your purpose is in service to others – it can be easy to loose touch with why you bother to do what you do. Getting back to basics like reading old journals, old business plans and even remembering old client stories can be a great way to connect back with why you do what you do.

RESOURCE: Specifically look at Your Testimonials Page.
Spend a little time thinking about what your clients life was like before you waved your magic wand and made the transformations.

Bonus points for: considering what joy your business brings to you. What are the moments that fire you into the stratosphere?


3. Spark that Lifestyle Inspiration

Reconnect with that custom life only entrepreneurs can style.

entrepeneurial-freedomOne of the most common reasons given when I ask entrepreneurs why they started their business is for the freedom and lifestyle. They want to be able to travel, choose their hours, spend more time with loved ones and generally live a bigger life than a 9 to 5 could ever afford them.

RESOURCE: Specifically look at – travel and experiences – or what ever that thing is that makes you feel like you’re leading an inspired lifestyle… AirBnB is a great resource for this – while looking on the app on your phone you can choose things like Tree houses or Yacht experiences to keep you energised and bright eyed.

Bonus points for: considering what lifestyle luxuries your business comes with. What are those special extra’s that only your business brings?


4. Reconnect with your Internal Compass

Clear some mental space and get grounded …

Many times during our entrepreneur journey notions of self worth pop up. They’ve even invented special terms such as the Imposter Complex to explain the phenomenon. When business is feeling a big ‘blergh’ that self talk can reek havoc on us. But it’s also no secret that mindfulness and meditation have been sighted as tools to bring back the inner peace with ourselves.

RESOURCE: Specifically make time for your favorite Meditation – if you don’t have one yet try on the Omvana App – 6 Phases Meditation by Vishen Lakhiani – it’s free – or I really love modern spiritual leader Gabby Bernstein vibe, her website has some free & paid meditation resources.

Bonus points for: consider how you could regularly bring this mental space to your work week?

5. Boost and elevate perspective

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

the-view-from-up-thereMaybe you’ve tried the latest ‘killer online marketing tactics’ – over and over – but not seeing the results, then it’s probably time to shift your paradigm on this. Similarly if you’ve been going through the tried and trusted motions over and over – time to shake up that snow globe.

Business is doing ok but you’re just not feeling it? Call in some expert advice to reignite your possibilities for your business.

RESOURCE: Have a look at my website orissafeeney.com for articles that bring a new perspective on what you’re doing.

Bonus points for: booking in a 15 minute complimentary strategy session where we can dive in on where the love has gone, that big idea that really lights you up and what your next best move is to get it off the ground.




About Orissa Feeney

Hello, I’m Orissa. My passion is helping smart women calmly thrive in their business.

I totally geek out when it comes to business strategy, what’s the big picture? – what are all the angles? – how are you getting results? – and choosing the best tactics for YOU.
My clients often say I have a knack for reading the minds of their ideal client.

I help women create a bespoke map of where their business needs to go – based on what they want out of life, the kind of results they get their clients and what’s going on in the marketing. I also partner with them to help them with the on-going tactical implementation.

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