Orissa Feeney | 5 Point Priority System for the Seriously Overwhelmed Business Owner
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5 Point Priority System for the Seriously Overwhelmed Business Owner

5 Point Priority System for the Seriously Overwhelmed Business Owner

When ever I get lost in my To Do list or somewhere between my Inbox, my project management systems and the many scraps of paper I have I use this simple Priority System.

priority system for overwhelmed business owners

Clients – existing client work is top priority, because happy clients will always be your best marketing tool.

Getting New Clients – The absolute next task you should be looking at is anything associated with getting clients right now. This looks like following up enquiries, sending email solo-mailers about your latest offers. And turning on your Sales Funnel (FB Ad -> Opt-In -> Autoresponder -> Sales Offer).

Chipping away at the bigger project. Next you want to be making a dint in bigger projects. This can look like launching a new online course, planning the marketing for it or getting that book to the publish stage.

Admin. Yep you’ve got to get into a routine of doing this – and just like yo’ mamma’ told ya – if you do a little every day – you don’t end up on Tax Day a blubbering mess ready for a Betty Ford Clinic check in. So go add those expenses to your accounting system, get those documents filed and set up those projects in your favourite Project Management System. This is also the time to fill out your business tracking systems – this can be as simple as a spreadsheet where you’re add your weekly numbers, sales, subscribers, dollars in the bank, prospect calls etc.

Research and development. OK, now if all those other things are done – then you can get into the R&D phase. If you’re anything like me the pull of all those shiny ‘better ways of doing what you’re already doing’ often pull you in. Yes, you need to stay on top of what’s going on in your industry. You need to try out new ways of doing things BUT don’t spend all your time in this phase tweaking, clicking, subscribing, falling down the rabbit hole.


Do you have a secret to managing your daily priorities? Share in the comments below.


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