Orissa Feeney | 3 Ways to stop List Shock when you want them to buy
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3 Ways to stop List Shock when you want them to buy

3 Ways to stop List Shock when you want them to buy


Congratulations, you’ve decided it’s time to leverage that List that you’ve been building up all this time and send out a Sales Email.

Alot of clients come to me wanting to launch their program or new online product but they’re feeling scared and daunted by the idea of pressing Send on that sales email.

Take Sara for example. She has a wonderful Juice Detox that she has been working on. It’s not just full of great recipes but it also has some really practical lifestyle tips. She’s spent some cash getting it designed and looking gorgeous with a designer.

Sara has also been building up her list while blogging over the last few years.

She sends out newsletters every fortnight and shares loads of great content in her emails.

She’s been ‘depositing’ into the karma bank with her List.

Now it’s launch time.

So she sent out her first email mentioning that she would love her List to buy her new gorgeous detox packed with everything her ideal client would need to go it alone on her first detox.


No Sales.

No clicks.

Sara has been sending out so much great content for so long her list are what we call ‘voyeurs’ or ‘passive’. They love to read her emails each fortnight – open rates were up there.

But they’ve never been expected to interact. And one of the major symptoms of ‘voyeurs’ or ‘passive’ subscriber is that when they receive a sales email they don’t know what to do – they suffer from List Shock.

3 tactics you can use to avoid List Shock are:

  1. TRAIN THEM TO CLICK  – Always add a link to click through to in every email. Sure put a great summary of your article but encourage your readers to click through to your site to read more.
  2. ENCOURAGE THEM TO PARTICIPATE – Ask for input from your readers – ‘What would you like to see more of on the blog?’ for example, giving them the chance to respond via email or on your Facebook page (even better)
  3. SET SOME EXPECTATIONS FOR THEM – Send Sales Emails from time to time. if you don’t it’s kind of like having a friend for a few years and suddenly asking them to go to bed with you – it’s not what they were expecting from the relationship. Sure, it’s scary and awkward at sending those sales emails at first but why the f*ck are you building this list if you don’t ever plan to monetize. The sooner you start sending out sales emails the less shocked your list will be when you ask for a sale.

Control the expectations of your list and start making the most of that list you’re building.

It’s the one piece of your business that you MUST get right if you’re serious about a lifestyle business that gives you freedom and income – it’s the key.

Do you send Sales Emails to your list? What is holding you back?

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