Orissa Feeney | Hope is not a Strategy
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Hope is not a Strategy

Hope is not a Strategy

Out at the park with the on the weekend with the kids I had a chance to catch a podcast while they were racing scooters and bikes around in the sun. It featured the marketing genuis Bernadette Jiwa, author of Difference.

She shared her insight that businesses often spend a lot of energy leading up to launching or starting up but there isn’t much plan for what happens after.

People put up their website, join networking groups or sell seats in their new program – then that’s where the planning stops. She went as far as to say something that resinated with my own values…

‘Hope is not a strategy’

What’s YOUR business plan for the next 6 months?

…Create more content and try to sell it?

…Keep trying to fit yourself into other peoples ‘business systems’?

…Push harder, hussle more?

OR are you ready for an easier way…???

If you’re tired of making it up as you go along and you’d like to have your own map, compass and guide that allows you to get control – make better money – do more of what you love – in your own bold unassuming style, then grab a mini strategy session to get started.

We’ll look at what’s worked FOR YOU, where YOU are and where YOU are headed.

Creating a bespoke business strategy allows you to make better decisions and stop stressing about how you’re going to implement your great ideas. You’ll feel connected to what you ideal clients want and how to attract them. You’ll be able to plan for your sales cycles and not panic when it’s quiet.

Your bespoke business strategy allows you to:

  • make better decisions, make more money
  • review how you have done this to date
  • see how you can combine your ‘unique self’ for more value for your clients
  • develop a deep understanding of your ideal customers – forget avatars
  • increase revenue and leverage¬†offers that truly work in harmony
  • create new offers or better position existing ones
  • set up a ‘team’ as a solopreneur, set yourself up for capacity
  • set up a plan to connect with influencers that can help you increase visibility
  • create an outreach strategy to create the right content
  • create a launch plan to get people talking and increase sales

‘Hope is not a strategy’

By all means you can …
…HOPE … that no one found those last 4 square of chocolate in the fridge…
…HOPE … those shoes fit that you bought at the sale but didn’t try on …
…HOPE … you saved that email as a draft before you closed the page…

BUT It’s time to take your business seriously.

Click here to book a Mini Strategy Session and get started

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