Orissa Feeney | 11 Unexpected Ways Experts Boost Launch Results
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11 Unexpected Ways Experts Boost Launch Results

11 Unexpected Ways Experts Boost Launch Results

We know the usual Launch strategies. FB Ads, Sales Emails, scarcity … affiliates, retargetting, joint ventures etc.

But why do some results vary so much?

I wanted to know the answers … how could I learn from these Launch Superstars & Industry Experts? I wanted to be able to bring their insights to every launch. So I set about to find out 11 (great number right?) what were some out-of-box ways that these guys were making their Launch miles go further.

Some of them are my own clients, some of them I had quick impromptu convo’s with (Kimra – yes, I was hoping you’d have some ‘secret’ sauce but you just use a time-tested technique for your Juggernaut results), others have shared their insights with their community and I’ve simply picked out the specific Launch advice they’ve shared.


1.“Delegating your sales notification email to someone else so you don’t have to watch it all day long.” 

Rachel MacDonald – Bright-Eyed & Blog Hearted

This is great advice during your launch. A “watched kettle never boils” sort of thing. But also Launching is stressful and an emotional roller coaster you can’t predict, so if you can remove yourself in any small way from the anxiety inducing sales numbers (even for a short break) this can renew your energy. Being able to go head-on with your launch and bring new energy daily is super powerful.


2.“Set aside some time during your launch to double check your systems to see if there is any breakdown”

Jess Nazarali – Jessica Nazarali Coaching

I think we’ve all had times when we thought everything was set up right only to find that a tiny glitch was causing the ones and zeros to do the wrong thing. Think Emails not going out to the whole list (as Jess shared in her case), or Payment buttons going to an error page, Facebook Ads not turned on, or Webinar reminders not going out. Small systems errors can add up to big numbers when it comes to conversion rates.


3. “Try setting aside some Facebook Ads budget to send a new audience to Blog posts rather than just an Opt-In”

Claire Pelletreau

 We often get caught up with the paradigm of Facebook Ad = Lead but if we make a start on our Facebook Ad campaign well before our Launch starts we can start to nurture a new audience. By adding some pixel tracking to these blog posts we can then retarget this warmer traffic during the launch.


4. Showing Gratitude to your team and others who supported your launch

Kylie Patchett – Mind, Money, Mojo

As Tara Gentile says “Business is social”. Launches don’t happen in isolation. And although Kylie didn’t sight this as specific advice – I see her do it time and again every time she launches. Not only does it let her team know she appreciates them but it also shows her community that she cares about them enough to bring on experts. Launching is social, people are talking about YOU as much as your offer… What kind of person are you? Do their values align with yours?


5. “Don’t give up if Facebook have kicked you out of your ads account – YOU are not out of the game.”

Mel Pharr – Underearner to Unforgettable

Get creative with your list building and connect with your audience on a different platform. You’re better off rocking a small new social platform (hello Periscope) than being a tiny fish in a big pond like Facebook.


6. “You’ve skipped beta testing to your Early Adopters – so your Early Majority customer segment doesn’t have any proof and your Early Adopters shy away” [from your Bigger Than Ben Hur Style launch. ]

Tara Gentile – The Observation Engine & Quiet Power Strategy

There are different segments in your existing audience. Some people – the “Early Adopters” like to know they are ahead of the marketing they are getting in before anyone else. This part of the market is ideal for bringing in to your Pilot or beta program. They will give your Early Majority segment the proof they need – in the form of case studies and testimonials – and also they help you refine the product features. If you’re not getting the sales you expect then go back and see which part of the market your marketing is focused on – is your product mature enough for this segment? Do you need to do a beta launch?


7. Lead, Delegate then go on holiday while your team launch for you.

Caroline Cain

This may not be for everyone but imagine launching while you’re on holiday. If you understand your ideal client, the transformation you create and what your insight is .. then you can really delegate the rest. Perhaps you don’t holiday for your entire launch, maybe just a part of it. I’ve heard Jeff Walker – king of launching – takes the last 5 days of his launch – to go out on his yacht. What would you need to do to remove yourself from part of your launch?


8. Plan ahead – Make Self-Care a priority during your launch to keep your energy high.

Amanda Jane Daley – UPswing Mastermind

Amanda understands that YOU are your business’s most valuable asset. Working with her on Launches she was incredibly deliberate at each step. She worked very hard at each point of the Launch but she always scheduled in self care time and her results are plain to see.


9. “Test the Market BEFORE you create all your content”

Jody Jelas – Boom Formula

 This is the mantra I tell all my clients. Don’t invest in expensive branding, or developer costs BEFORE you’ve worked out if anyone wants this. Just the other day I talked to someone wanting me to work with them on a Launch – she’d invested over $40k in an Info Product and hadn’t sold one unit yet. This makes me nervous. Test your market, run a pilot, pre-sell, then look at leveraging and scaling your launch.


10. “Know your stats before you declare a failure – It’s not personal – it’s numbers. How many people actually viewed your Sales Page? If you don’t know then you can’t see where you can optimize your launch. If you measure you can see where you can improve.”

Denise Duffield Thomas – Lucky Bitch

 As always you can count on Denise for wise words and a practical tip. Measure, measure, measure. If you don’t know your numbers then you’re just guessing. Set up stat tracking as part of your Launch. How many people actually opened that email? Maybe you just need a better subject line. How many people saw the sales page? For example – perhaps you’ve only had 10 sales. You’ve decided that you need to rewrite your whole sales page – it’s not working … but then you look at your stats… You find out that actually only 20 people have visited your sales page. That’s a 50% conversion. The problem is not with the sales page but with getting traffic to it. Different solution needed.


11. “Give massive value and keep giving – it works for me. I’ve made over $900k in my first year in business. It’s the best strategy I have.”

Kimra Luna – Be True Brand You

Before you ask people to open their wallets – how much have you given leading up to that? What do they know about you and the results you can get them? If you think about a Launch as 90% pre-launch and 10% launch – you will see the results in your numbers. Have you got a strategy for giving value that relates to your offer? Start with the smallest possible pieces that you can give in full. Forget giving people overviews – they can do this themselves. Transform a tiny piece of the puzzle for them .. then you can help them build on this.

So now over to you… What is your next step in your Launch Strategy?


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